Sport on the Squadron


n the air cadets, we attend various different sporting activities and competitions. These vary from team sports, such as football, rugby, volleyball and netball, as well as individual sports, for example, athletics and swimming.

Our squadron has always managed to get a team out for these events and usually come middle of the table and well ranked amongst the Wing.

In recent years, a few of our cadets have represented the Wing and even the region in competitions for athletics and swimming. E.g. Sgt Smurthwaite, (Long Jump) Cpl Lumsden (shot putt) and Cdt Parkinson (100m freestyle.)

More cadets are eager to earn their wing/regional blues (an award given to cadets for representing the wing or region,) because of the squadron’s sporting history.

The Staff and sports NCO run one or two sports nights a month to give cadets a taste of as many activities as possible. However, we are limited by the lack of light in winter months and facilities available to us in order to be able to offer a full range.

Sport in the Wing


went to the regional netball competition - my first major sports event with cadets.  This was where lots of female cadets from different wings in the region (North - which covers the whole of the North of England from Yorkshire upwards)compete in numerous netball games. It was one of my favourite things I've participated in during my time in cadets as it was an opportunity to befriend lots of cadets who I otherwise would of never met. I personally had no experience playing netball; I didn't know how the game worked or what any of the positions were, however I went along with Cdt Wells and Cdt Mace for a good day anyway. It was an early start and when we made it to the sports centre in Manchester we had to change into the wing sports clothing and it was straight into the games. We lost all of our games over the course of the day and it was revealed at the award ceremony at the end that we had come 4th, I wouldn't change it though and we actually did better than the team had the previous year which was a positive. That's why I will be first to have my name down next year when the list goes up. The cadets from each wing who stood out to the referees were noted down and at the end they were invited to take part in the next round which was a corps competition later on in the year. We may have lost, but I got to meet some amazing people who I am still friendly with now.

- Cdt Katie Homer


I recently competed in the Tri-Service climbing competition for our Squadron. I am a new cadet and it was my first time competing for the Squadron, and, for that matter, my first Squadron activity that was not a parade night. Naturally, this made me very nervous but when I arrived I realised that there was no need to be nervous and that the main aim for the event was to have fun and to socialise.

The day started with each cadet climbing five walls of their choice, allowing us to push ourselves to the right degree. This was lighthearted and fun and I made many friends within the first hour. We then chose two of three optional climbs and tried to complete them. From there, the names of the cadets that proceeded to the semi-finals were called and I am proud to say that I was amongst them. If your name wasn’t called - that didn’t mean you had to sit around and watch. Cadets who didn’t proceed to the semi finals were allowed to climb the walls that weren’t in use and play a climbing inspired, interactive game instead. 

For the semi-finals, we had to climb three different walls that were much harder than the first, before congregating yet again to discover whether or not we had succeeded in getting into the final round. Again, I had gotten through and prepared to compete against the other four cadets in my final category. 

The final was very challenging as the walls we climbed slanted towards us; I didn’t receive a podium position but I enjoy3d being challenged at a sport I enjoyed. From this activity, I took a lot of new friends from different squadrons and services back with me, the chance to do something I enjoyed for a day and an experience of more challenging climbs than I was used to. I thorough ply enjoyed my day and now plan to fit climbing days into my weekly schedule as often as possible. 

-CDT Watts

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