What Happens First

Basic Training 

Every cadet has to undergo their basic training when they join the unit. This takes the form of a workbook which has a questions to answer on the following subjects:


- The ATC and RAF

- Drill and ceremonial

- History of Flight

- Principles of Airmanship (the features of an airfield and about the aircraft that we use)

- Map Reading

- Initial Expedition Training (putting tents up and training for an expedition)

- Radio Communications (how to use a hand held radio)


Some of these subjects are taught in a classroom, others are practical subjects and training will be given outside, or on a training weekend in the field.


During this training, new cadets will also be involved in other parade night activities with the rest of the Squadron such as sports, fieldcraft, leadership training…and all sorts of other things. They will be able to take part in some off-squadron activities, but some will need the cadet to be officially enrolled (so with us for a bit longer). If in doubt, you can always ask if you can attend!


For your first few months you will attend in your normal clothes (we call them ‘Civvies’) but we will then put you into uniform. You will be given a dark blue (‘Working’ Blue) shirt, light blue (‘Wedgewood’ Blue) shirt and skirt or trousers, plus a jumper, a beret and a brassard for your arm. The brassard is where you sew your Squadron identification badge and you can add qualification badges as you achieve them. You will be given some training on how to iron (you, not your parents!) your uniform and where to put badges. You will need to get a pair of shoes to wear with your uniform; at the beginning you can wear any black shoes, but you will want to acquire a pair of proper parade shoes that you can polish up. Talk with the other cadets if you need to find out more information.


After you have your uniform you will be enrolled into the Squadron. You will be issued with a little blue book (a ‘3822’), which acts as your ID document if you go onto a military base, as a record of the cadet activities which you have done, and the dates you pass exams or get promoted. You will need to read through your 3822 as there is a page for you to sign, and a ‘home agreement’ for your parents to read and sign as well. And finally you’ll be a fully fledged ATC Cadet...well done!

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