Golden Opportunities 

3rd June 2016 - Army Exercise Medical Challenge

In cadets, we do other activities that are not like the other catagories and are out of the ordinary. Opportunities like working with the armed forces and other cadets organizations (Sea and Army).  

On the 3rd June 2016, CWO Mole, Sgt Turner, Cdt Mace, Cdt Homer and myself went to a First Aid event organised by 201 Northern Field Hospital, Army Reserve at their Headquarters in Newcastle. The aim of the competition was to come first in terms of points gained for good practice and times.

First we attended our briefing at 0800hr, and were told timings of the day. We then set out to our first workshop, where we were taught about the basic first aid used out in the field. After that, we did our first exercise, where we were educated on how to extract a casualty from a crashed vehicle. Then, we went to various other workshops, where we dealt with simulated battle wounds, learnt about 201 Northern Field itself and health, safety and first aid on water. My favourite part of the day was where we got to create simulated battle wounds with SFX makeup, as seen in the photos below:

Our team came 5th out of 15 teams, and we hope to return next year! By Cdt Barry




Opportunities in the Core 

Cadets also get the chance to go on courses and activities with the core. This means cadets get the chance to meet other cadets from all over the core.

RAF Wittering Logistics STEM work experience

In July, two cadets got the chance to experience a new course introduced to the corps the 5 day long course was a RAF S.T.E.M logistics work experience for cadets aged 15 to 17. This was the first of its kind and it was even featured in the Air Cadet magazine. The course was widely recognized and thousands applied, this was cancelled down to 300 cadets, which was then taken down to 30 cadets. The application process consisted of filling out a form and writing a piece about, how the camp would help the cadet, what the cadet has taken part in and other extra information. Our Squadron is very lucky that they got two cadets chosen for the new experience. The Course also meant more things to put on our cv's, we came away with a silver CREST Award and silver Industrial cadet award, during the week our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills were put to the test.

The 27th of August was the day we travelled down to Peterborough on the train which took almost 3 hours, this was the first time I had travelled such a big distance on my own. Once we arrived, we met a pilot officer who collected many of us from the train station and took us to the base by coach. This is where the rest of the cadets who didn’t take the train were also picked up by the coach. After everyone was accounted for the course Warrant Officer and Commander welcomed us and showed us to our accommodation, which was very nice. Soon it was time to meet the other staff and receive the equipment we need for the week which included bags, ID and a high visibility belt. This was also the time we were told what the week would consist of and our mission/operation. We then went for dinner which was also amazing as it was also the main base for Catering in the RAF.

The second day was the main Start of the course where planning took place and the main basis of the operation was decided. The exercise Falcon Relief was well under way by the end of the second day. During that day we met many parts of the logistics team that did the maths side and also meet the servicemen we would be working with in the next three days. At the night time, we did something the RAF called speed dating where you interviewed different people who had different jobs related to logistics.

On the third day we moved on to the practical work, in the morning we went and meet the guys that make sure the fuel for the aircraft (C17's) was clean. We were first taught how to clean the fuel and to compare them to other fuels which included three experiments. We then got the chance to build a field pipeline that could have been used when an operation was underway in the middle of nowhere. This was like playing with giant modelling/ Lego which was quite heavy. After lunch, we went to the mobile catering squadron where we had a brief about what they were and what they did. It was then followed by a brief in the catering hanger where we were shown a 10 man ration pack that we then got to make and my group got the pleasure of making food for the Air Commandant which was a really good experience and we got to have a good talk and we even mentioned on twitter. That night we got to go to the bowling alley on the base which was a nice end to the day.

On day four we got to meet the RAF Movers, this was where we were shown how to load a C17 with Chinooks and cargo. This was really interesting learning how a huge helicopter could be compacted in to these aircraft that were also huge. This was followed by going out on to the airfield and making a crate to go on the truck which we then got to move on to the lorry.

Finally, after lunch we met the Military Transport guys which was one of the best things of the week. We got to plan a route for the lorry to go with the land rovers, then got to load and attach the 4x4s to the lorries. This was quite a physical job which I found the really fun. The final part of the day was the finishing off of the files which allowed us to complete the mission and to get the awards. I found this quite hard as we had to have it in for a certain deadline.

Day five was the last day of the course where we had to get everything packed and put in to the learning building. Then we had to go for breakfast which was followed by a march around the station to have our picture taken with the staff involved. Next we went to the headquarters of Wittering, where we gave a presentation to visitors who included the station commander and other high officials of the station and cadet organization. We were given our awards and the staff theirs for all their hard work in making it possible. It was finally time to say goodbye to some amazing cadets and friends I’d made and all of the people I had met over the week. The coach took us back to the station and we got on our trains.

This course is one of the best things I have done in almost 4 years I have been in cadets.


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