What we do 

In Cadets we do many activities ranging from shooting, to flying to adventure training. Our Squadron offers a wide range of things to experience at all ages and stages of your cadet career. Here you will find articles, photos and descriptions of all the activities in this section. Examples are given below. 


Greens Nights 

These are nights which envlove shooting, fieldcraft and other activities we need to be in different uniform to our Blues. 

Christmas Walk

During the year, the squadron goes out on walks all over northumberland and even down in to yorkshire. At Christmas we have a traditonal walk on the 27th to burn off all those mince pies and chocolates.

Remembrance Parade

This is a yearly parade the whole squadron takes part in that occurs all over the country. In Hexham we join other organzations and join armed forces personel in this very important event.

Social nights 

These are nights which are different to all of the others. This is a chance to socialise with other cadets, watch a film and eat pizza. These usually take place after we have been collecting or after doing public events, as a treat. 

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